The Club for Active Citizenship Association is developing projects with the intention to find funding for its mmain activities and to achieve its purposes. This process begins with the ideas given by the members of the association. Afterthat we research the possibilities for funding from international, European or national grant schemes and programmes. Once we find a way to fund an initiative, experts from the association prepare the project documentation and collect all required materials and submit the project funding application. Upon successful approval of the project, the association is looking for associates, partners, volunteers and sponsors in order to accomplish the project objectives. The project is considered successfully completed if it has met the initially planned results and objectives. The final phase of the process is the successful reporting to the project funding body.


Here we will publish the successfully accomplished projects, as well as our new initiatives:


Project Name: Perforge Burgas 2010
Project Amount: ~€25 000
Project Status: Successfully completed and reported
Financing Programme: „Youth in Action 2007-2013“
Funding Body: NCEYPI – National Centre „European Youth Programmes and Initiatives“
Project Information:

In the summer of 2010 the Club for Active Citizenship Association applied and won the funding of the project „Perfoge-Burgas“ from the „Youth in Action 2007-2013“ Programme at the National Centre „European Youth Programs and Initiatives“. „Parforge-Burgas“ was a project for training of young musical groups and managers to identify and develop their potential in the European context. LEARN MORE…